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Please read what some recent customers have had to say about Carrie's Creations Inc. Handmade Soaps:

"I just wanted to let you know how great your products are. They couldn't have come any quicker. I have never received product from anywhere as quick as you ship Truly a great experience. Not to mention the quality of the soaps themselves. Great smelling and great on your skin as well. Thank you for the sample, I never would thought to try the apple scent but it is awesome. Now I am ordering that one as well."

"Carrie, I received the soaps yesterday, and they are just great!  Gosh, they smell soooo good!  I am hoping that my customers will like them as much as I do!  Thank you for getting the order to me so quickly.  Have a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year."

"This gift crate makes a wonderful Christmas gift.  Love you soaps.  On my last order, you included a sample of the plum spice....I kept the sample of the plum spice and will give the gift basket for a gift.  The plum spice is a wonderful scent....I liked it very much.  Thanks again."

"Hello - Re my order to you (soap grab bag, mystical nights soap, white lilac soap, plum spice soap) -- products are great -- all I expected!  Arrived last week in great condition."

"Wow......quick shipping!!  Thanks for the soap order Carrie....they smell divine and i can't wait to try them out. Hopefully will be purchasing my "Wholesale" lot from you shortly. thanks again"

"Hi Carrie, I just got my soap order and I wanted to let you know that it is perfect and will make great Christmas gifts. I opened the box and who all the smells that came out was great. Thanks again!"

"Carrie, I received the soaps today and LOVE them! Thanks for the sample! I just ordered more for myself and my friends who had to have some as well. I am hoping that I will be placing a wholesale order in the near future. Have a great week!"

"Hello, Just wanted to let you know we received the soaps last night and they are wonderful, you do great work. Thanks for such quick delivery. We will be talking again soon. Thanks again."

"Oh MY goodness. Your soaps are the nicest thing I have bought in a long time. They are absolutely wonderful. I plan to buy many bars as Christmas gifts. Thanks so much for the trial bar of peach. I will order some of those as well,,, for my children. Thanks so very much for your hard work and time. " From a follow-up email: "Carrie when I bathed last night it was again... such a wonderful treat.  They leave you feeling so fresh and they don't dry your skin out.  They lather so good.  I will never buy any other soap as long as I can get yours.  I'm just glad I found your products."

"Carrie, Received the box of soaps today.  Thank you.  I'm sure everyone will enjoy them.  Also thank you for the samples.  I tried the spearmint soap before I came to work tonight and it was great.  Very refreshing.  Again thanks"

"Thanks so much for the great soaps.  I received my items so quickly.  I ordered on Sunday and I had them on Tuesday.  I love the scents and the free Peppermint sample you added is wonderful.  Thanks again.  I look forward to another order soon."

"I've been meaning to write for a while now, but Queen O' Procrastination that I am, am just now getting around to it. Anyway, about two months ago I bought a couple of gift sets of soap for my mother and mother-in-law, as well as come extra bars and lip balm to give to friends. I thought they'd be nice hostess gifts, and both my mothers love yummy smelling soaps and candles. Once I opened the box I fell in love and wound up keeping the extra bars and balm for myself and my daughter! Now I'll have to order more for my friends. :) Thank you so much for such a wonderful, unique product. Both moms love them as much as we do! We are sure to become clients for life! :):) "

"Hi! I had ordered from you a few months ago, and it is now time to replenish my supply. I love your soap!"

"Soaps here and they are wonderful as usual!!!!!!"

"Carrie and Jim, Wow! I've bought soaps from other sites and have never found anything else that comes close to you guys.  Your website is so easy to use, your prices are great, your soaps are beautiful, smell fantastic and feel so good!  I just wanted to say thanks.  You have a loyal customer for life!"

"Carrie, I just wanted you to know that I received my order today. Thanks so much! You weren't kidding when you said Love Potion smells like Victoria's Secret Lovespell...that is what I wear all the time...yum! Also, thanks for the sample of the lilac soap - that was a nice surprise. Thanks again"

"Hi Carrie, My Soaps arrived today and are GREAT..can't wait to take a shower :o) Thanks for the secure and prompt shipping."

"Hi Carrie, I just wanted to let you know that we are really enjoying the soaps.  Thank you also for sending the Plum Spice sample soap, that was really nice.  They all smell really good.  The one thing I'm really excited about is how since I've been using them, my hands are staying so much softer (I've been using them as hand soap in my bathroom and kitchen).  Even through all the hand-washing I had to do with Christmas baking, etc. my hands didn't get all dried out like they usually do.  Thanks for making a really nice soap!  Next time I'm going to try the lip balm as well."

"Dear Carrie, Just wanted to say, I really like your soap, the smell is wonderful and the texture when you wash with it is really good. Just the right amount of suds. The price is very reasonable too. I have planed to share my find with others and give some away as gifts. I have placed another order and will look forward to receiving it. Have a very good Thanksgiving."

"Hello Carrie, I hate to load you down with email but felt I had to write. I purchased soaps from you recently... I am in love with your products; can't wait to have a bath every evening to "soap up" and enjoy the scent and the silky feel of the lather and the way my skin feels. I had to use regular "cleansing bar" products the other day and YUCK! Couldn't wait to re-clean with my special bars. My skin is so soft and silky now and my room smells so good after the bath!!! I just ordered more tonight and added your lip balm to my order too! Thanks so much for the extra goodie bar you included too in my last order. I, like your other testimonials will never give up your soap til you quit making it which I hope doesn't happen. I have tried other "handmade or homemade" bars and there is no comparison. I was almost reluctant to try yours but your website gives so much information that I knew I had to give it one more try and I am so glad that I did!! I must also tell you that your website is so easy to navigate for the computer babies like me and also for accepting PayPal which makes it even easier to do business. Thank you. I can't wait for my new order to arrive and try the new bars and lip balm. Thanks for being there and for producing quality skincare items. I will be back again and again. Thanks for your time. A devoted customer"

"Carrie, I wanted to let you know that my soaps and lip balm arrived today.  I know that I can always count on you for speedy delivery!  Also, I appreciate the cinnamon orange spice sample.  It is exactly the kind of scent I like. Which reminds me--will you be doing a gingerbread soap for the holiday season?  If so, I'm interested in purchasing one.  You have made me a handmade soap convert.  I plan to continue buying soap from you in the future!  Thank you again for the terrific products and service!"

"Hi Carrie, This order includes some of my Christmas present orders too.  If it is too much, I'll understand a delay - don't worry!  We love the soap.  The other day I was forced to use a commercial brand and it burned and irritated my skin.  I don't want to run out of Carrie's Creations again! Also, thank you for the free samples you've included in my past orders.  They have been a wonderful bonus and it allows me to sample new fragrances! Much success to you - with such an excellent product, I know you will have continued success!"


"Hi, I was out of town for ten days and just now picked up my package with the soaps that I ordered.  They all smell terrific!  Thanks so much for the bay rum sample, and thanks for such nice service.  I'll be ordering again from you in the future!"

"Hi, Carrie, I received my soap and lip balm order on Saturday. I was simply amazed at how wonderful the soap is, and the lip balm. As I told you on the telephone when I placed the order, the skin condition I have is aggravated by a lot of soaps. So far your soap hasnít caused any problems. Thanks for making a great product."

"Hi Carrie - So far - I LOVE THE LEMON LIME! I hope the family get dirty so we can move on to the other's soon! Smile. Thanks"

"I just had to take a moment to tell how divine the soaps are and they are so rich and lather so well and leave the skin so soft. I am going to enjoy these so much and also to tell you how promptly and quickly they shipped. You have a Class A business and I hope you do well. I will never use "store" soaps again. Thanks"

"Carrie ... I just wanted to let you know that the gift set I ordered for Sue was received and she was absolutely delighted with both product and packaging! Thank you so much for your prompt service. I'll be ordering more for Christmas gifts. Thanks again"

"Carrie, I ordered some soap from you last week and have enjoyed it so much!  I've had so much trouble with dry skin and so have my children. We could tell the difference after the first shower!  Thank you for a terrific product! God Bless." From a follow-up letter: "Hi Carrie, I wanted  to thank you for the extra bars of soap you have included in my orders (I am looking forward to my second order's arrival!).  My daughter enjoyed the extra bar you put in with my first order so much that we ordered two bars this time! Not only do your soaps moisturize better than anything I have used, they also last two to three times as long as commercial soap - and they continue to lather until they disappear!  Needless to say, we were very impressed! Thank you for an excellent product."

"Tried the lip balm for the first time and am so excited that it truly moistens your lips and keeps them soft and smooth.  I have tried other "home-made" balms but they were very waxy and too over-flavored.  In fact, I believe that they chapped my lips more than if I wouldn't have used anything. Under my lipstick, your balms continue to refresh my lips and seem to make my lipstick last longer.  Your soaps are great and didn't order for a long time because my husband was laid off for nearly a year.  Believe it or not, one of the first things I did when he got a new job was place an order with you for the soaps and lip balm.  I think my favorites so far are the almond oatmeal, honey oatmeal,  and lavendar.  Thanks for the samples.  Look forward to your fall soaps."

"I absolutely love your soap!  Ever since I started using it, I have no more dry patches."

From a customer from Sweden: "Hi Carrie! =)  I received the soaps yesterday! I can't believe how fast it went!!! =)  And they came in a very good condition and no extra taxes were added!! I started using them at once, and so far Chocolate Almond and Cedar Wood are my favourites. But it's actually conctsntly changing as I smell them more. I sure can feel the difference from using oridnary soaps. Thank you so much for your quick service!  And thanx for the extra samples! =)  *best regards*"

"Hi Carrie....I love your soaps... :)  The wild cherry is so delicious!  Thank you very much. I will most definitely order more from you soon."

"Thanks, Carrie- the soaps arrived today, (Monday!) they sure got here fast! My daughters and I couldn't wait to open them, and they were wonderful. The girls loved the German Chocolate Cake instantly, and I'm having a hard time choosing between the Tropical Coconut and the Floral Fantasies.  Thanks for
the freebie too, my husband especially liked that one!"

"Hi!  I just wanted to let you know that I love my soaps!  They're beautiful, I love the natural ingredients, and I love supporting a small business rather than a large corporation.  I'm still on my first bar because they last so long! And I love the consistency of the bar. Thank you so much!"

From a customer from Thailand: "Dear Carrie, I just wanted you to know that my 8 bars of soap arrived today, all in good shape!  (The [Global Priority Mail] envelope was a bit worse for wear, but I didn't really care about that.  Heh) The soaps smell good.  At first they didn't really smell like much because of the bubble wrap, but after I'd taken them out and lovingly placed them into their own spaces on my desk, my room became a haven of scents. Each bar sent off soft, luscious smells, and I absolutely love how wild cherry smells like!  I haven't had the luxury of trying them out yet because they arrived after I'd taken a shower, and I need to get some soap containers for them. Can't wait to try them all!" From a follow-up letter: "Dear Carrie, After much agonized deliberation about those 8 soap bars I have, I finally chose to use Almond Oatmeal and Chocolate Mint first.  I wanted to rip into the Wild Cherry immediately, but it was giving off such a delicious scent that I (rather reluctantly) decided that I'd keep it for a while longer in order to enjoy its scent in my room before showering with it. The Almond Oatmeal is amazing, and I can see how it's one of your best-sellers.  I use it as a facial soap, and use the Chocolate Mint for my body.  Both have scents that just jump out at you when you least expect it - before my showers, as I brush my teeth, the scent of the Almond Oatmeal and Chocolate Mint would waft up to tease me and I can't wait to jump into the shower so I could lather up.  And you know what?  The other day, my boyfriend - after caressing my cheek like he always does - paused, looked at me, and said, "What have you been doing?  Your face feels softer."  I actually laughed out loud, then told him I'd been using your Almond Oatmeal soap for the past week.  He now also sends you his regards, Carrie! Stay tuned for further soapy adventures!"

"Hi Carrie, Just to let you know I received my order of soaps today, I know I will be pleased its not the first time I have ordered them I have always liked what I have ordered. Thanks"

"Hi Carrie--I ordered a few soaps from you online last week....I was a little apprehensive just because you can't 'smell' them online.  I'm not usually a floral person--most scents are too sweet and well, flowery.  But your description of the Floral Fantasies had me curious, so I ordered it.  I used it this morning and I just HAD to write and tell you how wonderful it is!  It truly is like a bouquet of fresh wildflowers!  Just wanted you to know I appreciated your fast, prompt service, and I will definitely be ordering from you again!  I love handmade soaps, and yours are great!"

"I've just ordered a couple unscented bars for my friend's 3 year old son. He's had eczema since birth. I sent his mother an Unscented Bar this winter and she said it was great on his skin; she liked it very much. I just wanted to tell you that eczema lovers everywhere should know about you and your lovely soap! Have a great weekend coming up! Stay safe for us, Carrie."


"The soaps are wonderful.  My parents both suffer from very dry skin and have found your soaps make a big difference.  Thanks!"

"You have a FANTASTIC site!!  It's so easy and informative. Great Shopping. Thanks!"

"Carrie, thanks from a family who really likes your soaps.  My wife says she still likes her Dove, but you know as long as I have a bar of your soap in the shower the Dove never gets opened.  My daughter has dry skin and I gave her a bar to use and she loved it the first time she used it.  I am sure they will be future customers.  I am a painter by trade, and my hands get very dry.  Don't like messy lotions and creams.  I can tell a difference in my skin since I have been using your soaps.  telling everyone I know.  glad I found your site, keep up the good work"

"I recently sent one of your gifts to my friend. She was very impressed with the quality and the presentation of  your soaps and the wooden crate. I was very impressed with the price and the timely delivery. You've got a great business and a great product. Keep up the good work!"

"Hi Carrie, Received my order today, wonderful packing! Tried the "patchwork" as soon as I got home, would like to open all of them, must control myself. Thanks again"

"Hello Carrie, I just received your soaps and I'm very happy with these great-smelling soaps and quite impressed with the expedience of delivery! I ordered them on Wednesday and were at my door on Saturday! Thank you so much and keep up the good work!"

"I bought several soaps from you a few months ago and am just coming to an end on those~ I have used several handmade soaps in the past several months but yours are the greatest! However, I am not the only happy one here~ My husband is a bilateral amputee, meaning he is is missing both of his legs from the knees down~ He is also a dialysis patient so he has several health problems~ The reason I am telling you all of this is because he has prosthetic legs and there is always very dry skin under the sleeves he wears to connect the prosthetics~ Ever since we started using your soaps, the dry skin is completely gone... He is so amazed~ This man is the love of my life and at 37 years old, he knows he may not have much longer here~ So I wanted to thank you for making a product that makes his life a little easier~ For months, he was i! n pain as he walked because of the dry skin and rash that would develop on his leg~ But not anymore~! Thank you SO much!"

"Carrie, I want to thank you so much for the lovely soaps. I bought them as Christmas presents for my family. While wrapping everyone's soaps, I kind of wished I would have bought some for myself! LOL! I absolutely love the Gingerbread man soap. I could sniff it for hours! I think my favorite ones would have to be wild cherry, chocolate almond, and gingerbread. I appreciate all your effort to ensure shipping satisfaction. I think next time I won't wait until the last moment to buy x-mas presents for everyone. I'll be shopping in September from now on! <g> Thanks again"

"Dear Carrie:  I just received my soaps today!  Again, YOU have outdone yourself with your wonderful soaps!  I am SO pleased with them- the strawberry kiwi smells divine and the mango starfruit is also wonderful!"

"Good morning Carrie!  I was so impressed with your soaps that I just placed another order (just sent the paypal) to be sent to a friend of mine as a surprise to her.  I just happened upon your site last night and I can't wait to get the soaps!  Thank you!"

"Carrie: Just wanted to let you know I received my soaps just a day or two ago. I LOVE them.  My husband (who made fun of me endlessly for ordering soap off the internet) is loving it as much as I am.  Thanks again!"

"Haven't had time to let you know just how wonderful the soap is.  I just love it.  I shared one bar with my MIL, she has been sick and needed some TLC.  I went and bought some books on soap making and hope to try it out in the near future, but will buy some more of yours before then. I think it would make wonderful gifts. Thanks again."

"Hi Carrie, Just wanted to let you know how wonderful the new peach soap is. The scent is just wonderful!  I gave away so many bars as Christmas gifts that I'll have to order again soon. Thanks so much!!"

"I received my soap today and have already used it GREAT SOAP when I need more you can bet I will get it from you... it was nice doing business with you I will reorder. Thanks"

"Hey Carrie! I ordered from you a few months ago......12 bars to use in my Christmas baskets for my employees...except my husband and I snuck a bar each out of the stock to use for ourselves...and WE ARE SOLD!  So....based on my large order, we should be the cleanest folks around, eh?  *laughing*  I do want you to know that my husband has ALWAYS had this redness in his chest area.  After using your chocolate almond soap for a week, it started disappearing and now is totally gone.  TRULY AMAZING! I'm tempted to use the soap on the ends of my hair for split ends! *LOL* Thanks for sharing so unselfishly your experience in soapmaking...Thanks so much Carrie!! Not only are you are a skilled woman but a very nice, down-to-earth person!"

"Dear Carrie - Received all my soaps today and love each and every one of them! Thank you again!"

"I wanted to make sure I got a note off to you to let you know that your package got here - and I am THRILLED.  Sometimes I get busy...mean to drop a separate note, swear I'm going to and then never get to it. I had to let you know how impressed I was when your package got here. The soap is delightful.  I couldn't enjoy it all myself - and believe me I wanted to sample each, but I intended them as a tuck-away gift to put in with separate ones meant for girlfriends with upcoming occasions to be noted.  I left one Peppermint for myself, so I WAS able to use that one. The quality and scent were marvelous; you are one talented lady, and I couldn't be happier that you are doing something that you truly enjoy. Without a doubt you will be hearing from me again.  Quite soon, as a matter of fact.  I cannot pass up that Cider soap no matter what.  The one I have may be for someone else, but I will be spoiling myself as well.  The Pumpkin is also wonderful. Gee, I guess you get the idea by now that I liked the stuff, huh??? Thanks a bunch, Carrie.  Enjoy your weekend, and you'll be hearing from me soon. Take care."

"I received the soaps today.  Thank you so much for your prompt shipping...the soaps smell just wonderful!"

"I just received my first soap order.  I am at work so I cannot use them yet but the smells are wonderful.  I cannot wait to try my soaps. Thank you for sending them."

"Wonderful, luxurious soap! I hope to buy more! Thank you!"

"This is terrible to admit but all I want to do is spend time in the shower now! I love how the soap feels so soft, and smells so good. I could stand around sniffing a bar of soap all day and people would start to wonder about me :) I was going to use one bar at a time, but I loved the coconut creme so much that I decided to try the peach. It won't be long for the last one to be opened. The more I use your soap the softer I feel and softer clothes feel on me. You have really done an amazing thing here, and not only that but you're so friendly, and your soaps arrived so promptly. I hope your business is going great and I will be recommending your soaps to everyone I know. I will most probably give them as gifts as well :) Anytime you need anything...a reference, a chat, a helping can count on me. Be prepared, people around the world are going to fall in love with your soaps, and you."

"about a year and a half ago I purchased soap from you.. well my computer crashed and i lost everything.. and i just found your site.. im so excited.. im sure you dont remember me but i sure remember your logo on your soaps and how much i liked them. im soo glad i found your site again. many blessings.."

"This is the best soap I have ever used, great on my skin, smells wonderful, and looks beautiful. I also can't believe how fast it got here."

"I just wanted to let you know that I did receive the gift crates for my children's teachers in the nick of time, and of course they loved them!  I think you will be seeing at least a couple of new customers - everyone wants to know how they can get some more of your soap!  (I can't continue to give away all of mine, you know!"

"My soaps arrived, unscathed, in the mail yesterday and I've already tried out the Coconut Creme. I really like the smell, and the clean feeling afterwards. I admit, I did imagine that it would be the end-all, cure-all of soaps, but it didn't make me itch! :) I really like it, and I appreciated how the soap's lather stuck to the washcloth and didn't rinse away so easily as other soaps have done. You've done a great job! I can't wait to try the Pumpkin Spice. Tonight my husband is going to use it. Pretty soon my kids will be begging to try it!"

"I got my order of soaps today. Thanks for the sample of your Peppermint Stick soap. I can't wait to try all of these great smelling soaps. Thanks for everything & the fast service. By the way - you have a great website - I have it bookmarked now."

"I love your soap! My husband has fallen in love with Honey Oatmeal Scrub and had me order two more. Me, I like to try new scents. Your soap is almost (almost) as "delicious" as chocolate :) Have a great weekend! PS I love reviewing the photos of your soap making process. Thanks for making that part of your website!"

"I received the soap order today, and as always, was delighted with the wonderful scents drifting out of the box.  Thanks so much for making the Almond Oatmeal - I think it smells great!  I sent one of the bars to one of my friends who has been searching for the almond oatmeal since last summer.  I had given her one of my Ciders to try, and she said that she wanted to start ordering it herself.  Now she will have to choose between the Almond Oatmeal and the Mulled Cider!"

"just a note to let you know my goodies arrived today, and love both of them!! The pear smells wonderful and the almond oatmeal also plus the scrubby part! thanks again."

"Hi Carrie, Just wanted to let you know my bars of soap arrived today! YEAH! My teenage daughter even likes the scents, she choose Spring Breeze to start with. She is a sporty girl so that fits her style. lol I haven't decided with yummy scent to start with, yet! lol Thanks for the free Gingerbread man soap! :^)) Thanks for the soap tips. I wouldn't have known these things, as I haven't ever used homemade soaps. Thanks again."

"I would love to just soak in a tub with my coconut creme. I used it on my SUPER SENSITIVE face and left it on while I completed the rest of my shower; my face didn't itch and it was so soft. I'm thinking I'll have to buy a bar for the people I know so they can try it. It's not just enough to tell them, who would believe the difference between Dove and your soaps? Secret? Sometimes I just go into the bathroom and sniff my soap :) Have a great week! And don't fail all your customers now, what would we do without you and your soaps, Carrie?"

"Carrie - I received your package today. Now all I need to do is decide if I am actually going to give this as a gift or save it for myself! Many thanks for the extra bar! I will try it out with my next shower....I will cherish the soaps you sent and will probably be placing another order shortly. Thanks again."

"I received my soap today and have already used it GREAT SOAP when i need more you can bet i will get it from was nice doing business with you i will reorder. Thanks."

"Thank you very much! The orders were received on Saturday and my friend loves the soap! She has a job in a warehouse and I figured she could use some moisturizer. She says her shins look like fish scales right now. I told her that would all disappear. Thank you again for a great product, great service and for being a really nice person. Have fun creating!"

"the basket arrived today and thank you so much for the extra gift you put in my package! See why I keep coming back? You have spoiled me! Thank you for being just the person you are! You are a real treat in every sense of the word!"

"You have done a wonderful job in putting your heart into your craft. Thank you for showing how women can make the web a better place :) "

"Hi Carrie! I just wanted to thank you for the 3 samples that you sent me, along with my order.  They are all great, but the "Cider" soap is still my favorite!!!  I will never buy commercial soap again, so I hope you will be in business forever!"

"Hi, I've ordered three times from you now. I just wanted to tell you that I love your soaps. Me and my husband especially like your blackberry soap. It's just too yummy for words. Your website is very user friendly and you are very good at contacting your customers in a timely manner and are so polite. Keep up the good work!"

"Hi Carrie! I ordered from you back in Nov. and Dec..... I loved your soaps so much...I still love your blackberry soap!! It's the best one, in my opinion!!"

"Dear Carrie, Your soaps have made me a believer.  The gift sets I've just ordered are going to make very special Christmas gifts--things that won't be thrown in a drawer to be forgotten. Thanks for a wonderful product."

"Well, all my goodies arrived today...and thank you for the Pumpkin Spice soap! And I LOVE the crate of
soaps!! My friend will love it at Christmas.. if I can stand to wait that long!! what a terrific idea.. Have to go.. but wanted to let you know I had my goodies and all arrived safely and beautifully done also!"

"Hi Carrie, I just love your soaps. I like the wonderful scents and the way they make my skin feel. It doesn't dry my skin out like store bought soaps do. I've never tried homemade soaps before and happened onto your sight and thought I'd give it a try. Boy- am I glad I did. As you can see I am a satisfied customer and am reordering for more. I also like the way they come wrapped. Looks great in a basket on the counter, while waiting to be used. No more storing soap in the drawer while waiting to be used. Aim also giving some for Xmas presents. Keep up the good work. Just thought you might like to hear from another satisfied customer."

"Carrie ~ I received my recent soap shipment and am in love with the samples you sent...especially the Pumpkin Spice bar!"

"Hi Carrie..just a note to let you know your wonderful soaps arrived today! And thank you so much for the great surprise of the Patchwork soap! It is a great looking as well as scented soap..I really appreciate that gift! I have just "sniffed" myself silly since they arrived. I know I will be back for more! Have a terrific weekend!"

"Carrie, Your soaps are here already!!!!  How nice to have them arrive so quickly and best of all, to get a free sample. Wow -- that is a very nice touch! All the soaps smell delish and I can't wait to use them.  I will write again when I do. Thank you for your prompt delivery.  Hope business is going well."

"I just received my package from your company and I just have one thing to say! I SIMPLY LOVE YOUR SOAPS. I've been searching the net for great soap for 1 year and I finally found a site that offers great soaps at great have a customer for life."

"Carrie, The soaps arrived and I was pleasantly surprised at the generous weight of the soaps. I ordered from another outfit and the soap was substantially below the advertised weight. Yours on the other hand were consistantly generous in weight."

"Thank you for the extra attention to my order.  I appreciate it as it is for a very special friend.  I will certainly order from you again, and am looking forward to trying your soaps myself."

"Hi!  I purchased some soap from you recently... and wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying using them!  I bought 5 different varieties, and have only tried one so far, but it's great.  Can't wait to try the others, and will be visiting your website soon to purchase more.  Thanks so much!"

"Carrie,  I tried your honey oatmeal soap... I love it, it turned out to be great and the others I gave a bar to also really liked it." From a follow-up letter: "I really love the way it makes my skin feel and since I have been using it my back has stopped itching and breaking out almost completely.  I like it because you know exactly what in it."

"Carrie, I received my soaps a couple of weeks ago. They are wonderful. I don't even have to use a moisturizer now. The lather is great. They leave my skin so soft. The scent is great too. Not too over powering. I'm sure I will be ordering more in the future."

"Your soap is just wonderful. It is a delight to see and to touch. I love the subtle colors and scent. Nothing is overpowering. - and it was wrapped so well that every bar is perfect. Thanks so much."

"I was very happy with my soap order...Ill be a repeat customer...Thankyou for the samples!!!!!"

"Carrie, I got the soaps and am pleased with them. I must say I am surprised by how soft they leave your skin as well as how well they lather up. I am sure I will be purchasing more in the future."

"Hi Carrie! The soap came yesterday, just in time for my shower! I tried the honey oatmeal. It was wonderful. I think I'm hooked!" From a follow-up letter: "I'm still enjoying your soap. I thought that it would make my skin feel like I just used a body wash, but it's different. Body wash always makes me feel too soft, almost like I didn't get it all off. The homemade soap make your skin feel soft but not filmy. When the soap was delivered my macho husband referred to it as  foo foo, but guess who I caught using the Vanilla bar in the shower today! He still won't admit he likes it. He claims it was the only thing available, but there was a bar of [commercial soap] right in the soap dish!"

"Carrie...I love your packaging...Plain, simple, and apropos...Nothing gaudy or compromising to the product."

"Hi Carrie, Just a note to let you know that the soap arrived this afternoon & it smells wonderful! I'm looking forward to a relaxing bath tonight!"

"I realize that this is Your business --- And I'm sure that You didn't do anything for Me that You don't do for everyone else --- But I want to Thank You, on a personal level, for taking such care in packaging.  They arrived without a scratch --- Which is nice since they are intended to be gifts."

"Hi, Carrie- I received my soaps yesterday, and I love them!  Thanks so much for the prompt shipping and for including a free sample!  I hope to order from you again soon!"

After you order from Carrie's Creations Inc., why not email us and let us know how you like them!

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